Welcome to my website. I hope to showcase some of the things I am passionate about and shoe my website skills in one. I am not here to advertise for freelance work but rather showcase skills to a potential employer.

While I am totally capable of making websites from scratch, and have done so many time before, actually starting my coding using a plain text editor (how many of us remember that?!) I decided to use one that was pre made, and change it up a bit. Thanks to WebTemplateOcean.com for finding this really cool picture and putting together the colors for me. I don't need your form or connection to a database because I am not getting that secure, but the layout is nice. I hope you don't mind that I went in and changed your style sheet some (CSS as it is known) and deleted some other things, but hey, you said I could as long as I linked back to you.


Most of the images on this site are not mine but I do give credit where they came from. I don't usually have subjects that are that interesting – unless I go to the zoo, then I can get some really cool shots, but most people don't care about that.


The "About" page is for folks that are truly interested in my skill set. I also have an example of an eLearning course, complete with three little games and a quiz for you to review. It may be nonsensical but it is also not copyrighted, non-corporate information.